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Your Naturopath For All Things Gut Health, Glowing Skin and Mental Well-Being

Updated: Jun 1, 2021


B-12 Injections

HI! I’m Dr. Caroline Lewis, Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Practitioner from Toronto. I founded Health With Care to help women eliminate the roadblocks to healing their Gut, Brain, and Skin. My personal journey of healing my gut, passion for holistic dermatology, and background in neuroscience, inspire my focus on all things Gut, Mind, and Glow.

As someone with a history of Crohn’s Disease from a young age, when it comes to dealing with digestive issues - I’m no stranger. That said, I can truly empathize with what my patients are going through, which helps me relate to them on a deeper level and understand what might be causing their symptoms. It also motivates me to help women discover and heal the root cause of their mind-body imbalances with the help of customized treatment modalities that suit their lifestyle.

My mission is to educate women on how to best nourish their bodies and minds so that they can feel empowered to reach their highest potential and glow from the inside out. I hope to help you learn how to modify your lifestyle so you can live happily and healthily, from a place of inner peace.

I can’t wait to help you on your journey to healthy digestion, glowing skin, and mindfulness - let’s get started!

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